RHOC’s Heather Dubrow says Kelly Dodd is ‘sad’ and ‘pathetic’

Somewhere in Orange County, Mariah Carey is playing “Obsessed” for Heather Dubrow based on Kelly Dodd’s action. According to Heather, Kelly is “sad” and “pathetic” due to Dodd’s recording of Heather and her husband, Dr. Terry Dubrow, while they were at dinner.

Dodd’s captured the picture and posted on her Instagram,”Dumb and dumber right there, f—k faces.”

Heather made a comment to Page Six stating, “It makes me laugh. Kelly seems to talk about me a lot, so at this point I don’t know whether to be really flattered that she’s so obsessed with me or sad for her that she has no other content.” But, ⁠the feud between the two has gone on for quite some time now.

Dubrow commented that part of the reason she decided to come back was because ex-stars including Dodd, were not coming back. Their hatred for each other escalated in the Summer when Dodd accused Dubrow’s son of giving her COVID-19. She apologized for the comment. Shortly after, Heather and Dr. Terry filed a cease-and-desist order on Kelly, suing her for the comments she made about their son and COVID-19.

Heather Dubrow expressed that the women who leave the Real Housewives franchise should “exit gracefully and figure out what comes next in their lives”. Guess Dodds didn’t get the how-to-guide fresh off the show.

“No. 1: You don’t burn bridges and No. 2 you have to figure out your next steps, and I don’t think sitting at a restaurant filming former cast members is a viable employment opportunity, and it just seems sad, pathetic,” Heather shared to Page Six.

Andy Cohen Responds To Possible NeNe Leakes Return To RHOA

In September 2020, the OG cast member of the ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’, NeNe Leakes, decided that she was not returning to the show for the 13th season via a YouTube video. According to her, it wasn’t an easy decision to make.

Nene Leakes / YouTube

The Bravolebrity broke down in tears on ‘The Tamron Hall Show’ back in October stating that all she wanted was to be treated fairly by the network. When asked if she would come back to the show, she replied, “No, I do not.”

The Tamron Hall Show / YouTube

People change, feelings change too because Leakes has come full circle and changed her mind. In an interview with ‘The Real’, she told the ladies, “she would be happy to return to the show” IF only she and Andy had a sit down to discuss “unfinished business”.

A couple weeks later, Watch What Happens Live host and Housewives executive producer Andy Cohen appeared on ‘The Real’ and was asked if there was any possibility Leakes could return to the show after her recent statements.

The Real Daytime / YouTube

On ‘The Real’, Cohen and his response seemed rather general than specific. “You know, we are in the midst of shooting season 14 of the Atlanta housewives, and it’s great and Marlo has her peach and Shereé is back, and we have some new faces and some great faces and Kenya Moore is on fire, and so I am really focused right now on season 14 of the housewives of Atlanta and not really looking beyond that right now” said Cohen.

The Real Daytime / YouTube

Should Andy Cohen let NeNe Leakes back on The Real Housewives of Atlanta or has she lost her peach for good? This is the question of the century for RHOA fans, but I guess we will have to wait a little longer for NeNe to make her grand return to the show.