Lenny Hochstein Confirms Miami Estate Has $4M Mortgage Despite Lisa’s Claim

#LennyHochstein and #LisaHochstein do have a mortgage on their Florida mansion, despite the latter claiming on “Real Housewives of Miami” they didn’t.

On top of a $4 million mortgage that Lenny confirmed to us he took out when he bought the land, the plastic surgeon also took out a $4 million home equity line of credit on his Miami estate amid his bitter divorce battle with Lisa.

Real estate documents, obtained by Page Six on Friday, show Lenny took out one loan on Sept. 14, 2022 — months after the show was filmed and after he filed for divorce.


RHOSLC Star Jen Shah Requests Reduced Prison Sentence After Pleading Guilty

#JenShah has requested a reduced prison sentence after pleading guilty to wire fraud.

The #RHOSLC whose plea agreement calls for up to 14 years behind bars – is asking for three years in prison.

“We submit that such a sentence is just and fair because it takes into account Ms. Shah’s history and characteristics, the facts and circumstances of the offense, and meets that a court impose a sentence that is ‘not greater than necessary’ to achieve the goals of punishment,” Shah’s attorney, Priya Chaudhry, wrote in a sentencing submission filed on Friday.

Shah’s legal team listed several reasons why she should serve the reduced sentence, arguing that the reality star had no “direct contact” with the alleged victims and that her “history and characteristics” align with a smaller sentencing.

Teresa Giudice Gives Todd, Julie Chrisley Advice Ahead Of Prison Sentences

#TeresaGiudice told #ToddChrisley and #JulieChrisley they need to “stand strong” less than a month before they begin their respective prison sentences.⁠

When asked by a TMZ pap on Tuesday if she had any advice for the “Chrisley Knows Best” stars as they get ready to turn themselves in, the “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star revealed that “manifesting” is what got her through her own 11-month prison sentence in 2015.⁠

The 50-year-old advised them to “stand strong for their family and manifest while being in prison what they want when they come out … and just to be strong for their children.”⁠

Giudice — who was also convicted of fraud alongside her ex-husband, Joe Giudice — continued, “It’s going to be very hard but they have to make the best of it … but they have to stay connected to their children and make it work.”⁠


EXCLUSIVE: William Jones Recording Artist of TLC’s Bad Hair Day: Talks New Show, His Music, and Zeus Network

The Reality Rundown got the opportunity to talk with recording artist William Jones, star of TLC’s new medical series Bad Hair Day! According to TLC, the show is about “Patients with extreme hair-related medical issues seek out Dr. Angie Phipps, Dr. Meena Singh, and Dr. Isha Lopez for life-changing procedures and treatments. From hair restoration to hair removal and every extreme in between, these doctors do it all!” William’s story has over 3 million views on TikTok, and his episode is the 2nd most viewed premiere in TLC history. 

When I asked William, how he’s been since the premiere of the show he responded, “It’s been like a roller coaster ride, a great journey and an emotional journey at that.” He credits the shows ratings to fans of TLC wanting to connect to a story that’s genuine and that’s exactly what his story provides. He knows that him being the first male to present their hair story in this way also stood out to fans. He goes on to further say, “I really think that hair technology for women at least has surpassed light years since I was born in 1996. When I was growing up it was the “quick weaves” but now women have hair that look like its growing out of their scalp. For me, having gone through being burned, tumors, cancer, and everything else I just always felt like life never gave me what I needed.” 



William admits that he was very adamant about not wanting to do the story because being a recording artist working in the industry, he’d created a façade of how he wanted to look but this show was going to strip him of that mask. He says, “People were hesitant to connect with because they thought I was just a singer that had parties with strippers around and I wanted people to know that I did have a story to tell. I realized people are going to talk about you regardless and I decided to take control of my narrative. I asked William to walk me through when he was a child and had gotten burned. William recalls that some of his memory being muddled. He does recall when he was younger that his parents struggled with substance abuse. He believes that around the age of one he was moving around in his baby walker in the kitchen when he attempted to grab what he did not know was a hot skillet frying food. When he hit the handle, the skillet of grease fell on him which caused him to have reconstructive surgery on his face, back and shoulders.

On the show, there is a moment when William removes his hair unit to reveal his scars that were concealed, and he’s told to look at himself in the mirror. As a viewer, it is clear to see that this troubled him, and I wanted to get more insight on what was going through his mind at the time. William says, “That was the hardest because I felt ambushed. I didn’t know they were going to have me look in the mirror. One thing that a lot of people don’t know is that I didn’t like looking in mirrors prior to this. In my house, I would cover the mirrors with pictures or song lyrics. I hated mirrors and it felt like I was confronting a bully for the first time but he’s glad it happened now because he battled his demons.” 

William says he wish the show would’ve highlighted his music because it’s a big part of his story in terms of how it helped his depression. He references a relative (Jordan) that was recently murdered as being his close confidant and how he was glad that Jordan got to see him with hair on the show before his untimely passing. He shared that Jordan was a crucial part of his support and helping him understand how to be confident. So, he’s happy that Jordan got to see this very pivotal moment happen before he passed. William goes on further to say that he knows he has a big personality and sometimes it can get in scuffles, but he’s prepared to pull his hair off and make it do what it does. William says, “I know on the show I had a few outbursts because of my big personality. I know sometimes you don’t know what to expect from me. So, I know there were a lot of things that TLC probably couldn’t sign off on such as my use of the n-word.”

William says that he had several zoom calls with TLC before joining the show because they needed a lot of details. This made him even more skeptical because he knows there are a lot of mean-spirited people on social media, and he didn’t want to become the “butt of everyone’s joke” but in hindsight it would probably go viral and help get his face out their which in turn would help push his music. William credits his song “Scars” to being his way of expressing what he’s gone through since he had already opened up about it on the show. It was important for him to tell his story how he wanted it expressed. He admits, “When I went in to record this song, I was so emotional that I couldn’t get through the lyrics without breaking down. I had to come back another day when I was able to harness that energy and kill it.” He says he’s proud of how great the record is and how people can relate to the songs because it’s a song about people having scars whether physical, emotional, or mental. 

As we wrapped up the interview, I informed Will that I saw on his social media he hinted at new projects on the horizon, and I noticed “#Zeus” hashtags as well. I wanted to know what was next on his prosperous journey. William said that he has a few projects coming up that he’ll be flying out for. William further says, “Zeus needs to cast me for real. After the “Bad Boys Show” aired, people kept telling me that my crazy butt needed to be on there.” I definitely cosigned! He says part of him wanted to do it because his personality is crazy and unexpected, but he knows that sometimes he has a quick temper even though he loves to be the life of the party.

Be sure to watch the full interview to get exclusive details on William’s story at therealityrundown.com!

EXCLUSIVE: Jacqueline Blake Talks About Frenemy Mia Thornton and Some of the Ladies Enjoying Wendy Osefo Getting Doused

On another episode of Reality Right After with Welington Gomez, we had the pleasure of sitting down with newbie Jacqueline Blake of Real Housewives of Potomac. TRR Correspondent Kaidian Gordon tells Jacqueline that she seems very comfortable in front of the camera and that it was a natural transition onto the show. In giving fans an insight into who she is, Jacqueline says, “Number one I’m a mom of two girls. I’m the CEO of my own company, Ava Blakely Enterprises. Any given day you’ll see me at the grocery store with my kids with my hair on top of my head. I’m simply a regular mom and a professional.” 

Kaidian asks, “How did you hear about the show and get on the show?”  Jacqueline says she’s always been a fan of RHOP but not a die-hard fan. She says that her castmate and long-time best friend Mia Thornton has been her friend for 10+ years and that’s how she organically showed up on the screen of RHOP. Jacqueline admits that she gravitated towards the women that Mia liked because she was just trying to be a loyal friend. “I’ve been a ride or die from day one. We lived in the same house as kids, we partied together, we had mutual boyfriends together and I mean you name it and we’ve done it.” Jacqueline admits side-eyeing some of the women that Mia didn’t get along with because of her relationship with Mia. Jacqueline talks about how it was someone that recommended her to RHOP. She wouldn’t reveal which cast member recommended her, but she says that Mia was in agreement of her being recommended. 

Kaidian commends Jacqueline for standing her ground on the show, especially as a newbie. She asks Jacqueline what she meant by her Instagram post which hinted at something being an “eye-opener and truth telling to who really has her back on the show”. Jacqueline says, “It’s no secret. Everyone saw that Mia blocked me on social media. We had a falling out and you guys may see it later. I found out a lot through filming with Mia. I thought the strength of our relationship was stronger than what it was.” The latest update is that Jacqueline and Mia remain not friends.

Jacqueline admits she didn’t see this coming when discussing her broken relationship with Mia. “I would have never seen this coming. I would’ve never thought that the person that I knew for 20 + years would turn on me the way that she did. This is my real life. Like this isn’t a joke or storyline. This was my best friend. My whole entire family knows this woman from my mom to my dad that’s no longer alive and in the grave. Mia was next to me when my father took his last breath. This was somebody that I truly and genuinely cared about. Honestly, it’s been heartbreaking.

Kaidian asks about any previous animosity that would have existed between the two since she was blindsided once joining the show. Jacqueline admits that they would fight like sisters. They would have little disagreements. She says, “Mia can be particular about how she wants things to run around her, but I understand that because she’s always been that way. I’ve always tried to give Mia grace because of her childhood trauma but when we meet people in real life and in real time, we don’t know what they’ve been through. The woman that you all see today is different than the girl I once knew.” 

Moving the conversation forward, Kaidian asked Jacqueline how she felt about Robyn not inviting Wendy to “family fun day” but wanting her kids to attend. Jacqueline says she feels that Robyn was justified to not invite Wendy, but it should’ve been along with her kids because if you have an issue with someone don’t invite them nor their kids. Jacqueline says, “I feel like the mother, the father and the kids are a complete package. It doesn’t make sense to invite children without their parent. It’s either all or nothing. I love Robyn and I think you should invite who you want to invite when having a private event. It’s nothing against the kids because the issue is with the parent. Again, it’s’ all or nothing.

Kaidian asks Jacqueline opinion of Gizelle Bryant and Ashley Darby’s alleged claims against Candiace Dillard Bassett’s husband Chris this season. Jacqueline responds, “I think it was a bit much. I did see that Ashely did try to pull Candice aside especially with something so private and personal. I don’t think this type of thing is appropriate for a group setting. I don’t believe in messing with someone’s relationship or marriage. People need to relax. Like not every man is coming for you, not every man wants you. Chris knows the women in this group are messy and he has enough sense to not be dealing with them.”

Moving on to the heated Miami trip finally comes into play. Jacqueline talks about how Mia basically blew out of proportion the “toiletries” scene. Jacqueline admits she misplaced her deodorant and simply wanted to borrow Mia’s but because Mia is OCD and doesn’t like to share Jacqueline felt Mia made a big deal about it and it wasn’t necessary. She also did not like that Mia went to tell Robyn and Gizelle about this in an attempt to make her look like she was unprepared. Jacqueline mentions that Karen even stated that she forgot her deodorant, but nothing was ever said about it. She feels like Mia was playing it up for the cameras.

When asked about the “dinner from hell” fiasco between Mia and Wendy, Jacqueline says, “I feel like it was uncalled for. I feel like it went too far. I don’t condone physical altercations. We are professional women. We have jobs and children, and we don’t need to be in that type of situation by any means necessary. I understand that people get upset and make mistakes, but I didn’t agree with it. I did tell Mia that one-on-one, and she agreed how she felt horrible about what she did, but I wasn’t going to embarrass her in front of a group of women. I’m just not going to do that. We’ll talk behind closed doors. There is a place to tell your friend when they are wrong.”

Jacqueline admits, I think everyone have the women that they can’t stand and dislike. I think some of the women maybe were happy that she had a drink thrown on her and was embarrassed. I feel like that was wrong and I felt bad for Wendy. I just felt that was not appropriate and I would never wish that on anybody. Even if you did have a negative opinion about Wendy, right is right and wrong is wrong. I think some of the ladies should have just kept their opinions to themselves. We are beautiful black women, and we are on platform where millions of people look at us and we don’t want to portray that type of woman.”

As the conversation wraps up, Jacqueline says that now she is the closest to Karen Huger. When speaking about Karen Jacqueline says, “she really does rise to the occasion, I love talking to her and she gives such great advice.” When asked about the most exciting parts of joining the show, Jacqueline says, “I was able to see women that do this every single day and it’s a profession for them. I respect them all in their own unique ways and it’s definitely been a learning experience. Aside from the drama with Mia I feel like I would’ve had a great time as a friend of the show. When asked what the worst part was of being on the show, Jacqueline simply states, “You guys just got to watch a few more episodes but overall, what Mia did to me was the lowest. When she posted an alleged video of me, that has been the worst thing someone has done to me. However, I hope to continue to build better relationships, get my company out there, meet great people and celebrate women. I feel like the sky’s the limit!”

Be sure to watch the full interview with Jacqueline Blake of RHOP at the Reality Rundown!

Lizzy Savetsky Actually Left ‘RHONY’ After Behind The Scenes Controversy, Her Husband Saying The N-Word

This one is a lot, so please read in full castmates!⁠

A brand new member of Bravo’s revamped, racially diverse #RHONY left the show after her husband repeated the N-word on set while recounting a discussion between two of its stars, Page Six has learned.⁠

In fact, things went off the rails big time a few weeks ago while Savetsky was filming a scene with co-star #BrynnWhitfield, and got worse from there.⁠

We’re told Whitfield asked Orthodox Jew Savetsky, who has a reputation as a matchmaker if she’d set her up with a Jewish man. But Savetsky said that — while she has no problem with Jews dating gentiles — she prefers only to set up Jews with other Jews, sources said.⁠

Sources say that Whitfield felt affronted, and said something to the effect that Savetsky’s terminology sounds like that used by “horrific people [meaning Nazis] who did evil things to your people” would take, which shocked Savetsky.⁠

According to multiple insiders, the tension caused by the scene led to an off-camera phone call between Savetsky and Whitfield, during which they discussed the power of racial slurs.⁠

We’re told that Whitfield, who is half-Black, used the N-word during the call, but rather than using the term “N-word” she said the word it represents in full. We’re told that Savetsky got the impression that Whitfield planned to tell other cast members that Savetsky had also used the N-word during the call.⁠

Sources say that Savetsky’s husband, Dr. Ira Savetsky, was outraged and reported the alleged incident to the show’s producers.⁠

But we’re told that when he recounted the call, Ira also said the actual word rather than saying “the N-word.”⁠

We hear he later apologized, but the damage was done and we’re told that that’s when “conversations began” about the pair exiting the show.