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Garcelle Checks Erika, Diana Agrees That She’s “Fake”

The time has finally come for Garcelle to “set a bitch straight”! The ladies are at Sutton’s housewarming luncheon, and after making Erika sweat a bit, Garcelle is ready to confront her for disrespecting her 14 year old son. Last week Erika shared that she can only have one drink. She is definitely filling up on the booze and Garcelle has been very observant. “You know it’s not that I’m paying all my attention to Erika at all, but she said she was only going to have one drink. We’re up to three.”

Garcelle lets Erika know that her liquor level was out of control at the party, which resulted in an uncomfortable situation for Garcelle’s teenage son. “Under no circumstances though can you disrespect, not only a kid, but my kid.” To everyone’s surprise Erika owned it, and apologized, and it actually sounded sincere. Erika says, “I agree and take full responsibility and you know what, I was shit talking and treating the kids like they were adults, and I was wrong.”

For all the housewives reading this, that is how you do it. Erika is far from a class act, but for someone who has created a brand based on not being ashamed and embarrassed for being who they are (Erika Jayne), we see that in fact Erika was ashamed and embarrassed for her actions that night.

Based on Kyle’s facial expression, she seems confused, and in a matter of seconds Garcelle calls Kyle out.

Garcelle: “What are you doing that for, why’d you do that face?”

Kyle: “For as long as I’ve known Erika I’ve never seen her lose her composure one time, so I think she’s allowed a little bump here.”

Garcelle: “This is what I mean by jumping ship Kyle, this is what I mean by jumping ship, I’m having a conversation with her, and it’s not like I’m saying anything badly.”

Kyle: “She’s literally had, in seven years, two instances—”

Garcelle: “But I’m not talking to you, I’m talking to her.”

In her confessional Kyle says “Was it wrong for Erika to tell Garcelle’s son to fuck off—100 percent, but am I happy that she’s let her hair down and is having some fun and not so guarded as she used to be, absolutely. Does that mean I’ve jumped ship? No I haven’t.”

Friend of the show (and to Garcelle) Sheree tries to help Kyle understand that right now she just needs to be neutral. Erika interjects to say “Before I insulted your children I actually paid them a huge compliment in saying that your younger boys were so well spoken and were not acting like teenagers that wanted to be on their phone and not talking to other guests, and I thought to myself that’s a real testament to Garcelle.”

“It’s great if a stranger comes up to you and says I think you’re a really good mom, when it comes from another mom that knows what it’s like to do it alone, that to me is the best compliment I could ever have.” Garcelle continues, “Am I annoyed with Erika? Absolutely, has she scored a point—*sighs* yeah.”

Sheree breaks the ice by asking Erika if she was trying to have a threesome with Garcelle’s older son Oliver, to which Erika admits. “I would.” Sheree responds, “Me too, bitch.”

Sheree, Garcelle, and Kyle meet for drinks and they get right to it. They discuss the 1-on-1 between Garcelle and Erika. Garcelle understands Erika has been through a lot. She explains that it was never about her not having fun. “We’re not just talking about ‘oh my gosh she’s a little tipsy lets just put her in an uber,’ I mean what more do you want to see?” It sounds like Garcelle is implying that things will only get worse from here.

Kyle is happy to see a more vulnerable side to Erika. Garcelle poses the question, “And you don’t think that could lead to alcoholism?” Immediately you can see how triggered Kyle is by that accusation, considering her tumultuous past with her sister. (Kim Richards). Kyle responds, “I think that’s a very dramatic statement.” In Garcelle’s defense, she might also be triggered given her son’s addiction issues.

At Garcelle’s birthday Sutton tried to relate to Diana by telling her about her experience losing two babies, but Diana felt it wasn’t genuine. After hearing that Diana didn’t necessarily leave off on the same page as her, Sutton sat down to meet Diana for round two.

The first time Diana and Sutton met, in a group, Diana said she believed Sutton is clumsy with her words. Diana now clarifies, “I actually have changed my mind. I don’t think you’re clumsy with words. I actually think you mean what you say.” Sutton looked dumbfounded.

Diana says, “Do you know how you said it?” Sutton responds by telling her that it was very sincere. “I don’t share my stories of my miscarriages with many people,” says Sutton. Diana even feels bold enough to tell Sutton that her exact words were “I’ll raise you two” in response to Diana having a one miscarriage. If you watched the scene, you know that wasn’t what Sutton actually said, and it’s wild that this is the hill Diana is willing to die on.

This entire scene with Diana and Sutton was pure insanity and the gaslighting at its finest. Diana admits that the hug at Garcelle’s birthday was “the fakest hug I’ve ever had in my life.” Sutton asks, “So who’s fake now?” Diana responds “I am”, and in that moment Sutton had never looked more confused. Sutton says she would rather deal with Erika over Diana any day. If Diana is looking to be a one season housewife, she’s doing a great job.

Stay tuned as next week Kathy Hilton makes her season 12 debut.