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Lizzy Savetsky Actually Left ‘RHONY’ After Behind The Scenes Controversy, Her Husband Saying The N-Word

This one is a lot, so please read in full castmates!⁠

A brand new member of Bravo’s revamped, racially diverse #RHONY left the show after her husband repeated the N-word on set while recounting a discussion between two of its stars, Page Six has learned.⁠

In fact, things went off the rails big time a few weeks ago while Savetsky was filming a scene with co-star #BrynnWhitfield, and got worse from there.⁠

We’re told Whitfield asked Orthodox Jew Savetsky, who has a reputation as a matchmaker if she’d set her up with a Jewish man. But Savetsky said that — while she has no problem with Jews dating gentiles — she prefers only to set up Jews with other Jews, sources said.⁠

Sources say that Whitfield felt affronted, and said something to the effect that Savetsky’s terminology sounds like that used by “horrific people [meaning Nazis] who did evil things to your people” would take, which shocked Savetsky.⁠

According to multiple insiders, the tension caused by the scene led to an off-camera phone call between Savetsky and Whitfield, during which they discussed the power of racial slurs.⁠

We’re told that Whitfield, who is half-Black, used the N-word during the call, but rather than using the term “N-word” she said the word it represents in full. We’re told that Savetsky got the impression that Whitfield planned to tell other cast members that Savetsky had also used the N-word during the call.⁠

Sources say that Savetsky’s husband, Dr. Ira Savetsky, was outraged and reported the alleged incident to the show’s producers.⁠

But we’re told that when he recounted the call, Ira also said the actual word rather than saying “the N-word.”⁠

We hear he later apologized, but the damage was done and we’re told that that’s when “conversations began” about the pair exiting the show.