Lenny Hochstein Confirms Miami Estate Has $4M Mortgage Despite Lisa’s Claim

#LennyHochstein and #LisaHochstein do have a mortgage on their Florida mansion, despite the latter claiming on “Real Housewives of Miami” they didn’t.

On top of a $4 million mortgage that Lenny confirmed to us he took out when he bought the land, the plastic surgeon also took out a $4 million home equity line of credit on his Miami estate amid his bitter divorce battle with Lisa.

Real estate documents, obtained by Page Six on Friday, show Lenny took out one loan on Sept. 14, 2022 — months after the show was filmed and after he filed for divorce.


RHOSLC Star Jen Shah Requests Reduced Prison Sentence After Pleading Guilty

#JenShah has requested a reduced prison sentence after pleading guilty to wire fraud.

The #RHOSLC whose plea agreement calls for up to 14 years behind bars – is asking for three years in prison.

“We submit that such a sentence is just and fair because it takes into account Ms. Shah’s history and characteristics, the facts and circumstances of the offense, and meets that a court impose a sentence that is ‘not greater than necessary’ to achieve the goals of punishment,” Shah’s attorney, Priya Chaudhry, wrote in a sentencing submission filed on Friday.

Shah’s legal team listed several reasons why she should serve the reduced sentence, arguing that the reality star had no “direct contact” with the alleged victims and that her “history and characteristics” align with a smaller sentencing.

Teresa Giudice Gives Todd, Julie Chrisley Advice Ahead Of Prison Sentences

#TeresaGiudice told #ToddChrisley and #JulieChrisley they need to “stand strong” less than a month before they begin their respective prison sentences.⁠

When asked by a TMZ pap on Tuesday if she had any advice for the “Chrisley Knows Best” stars as they get ready to turn themselves in, the “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star revealed that “manifesting” is what got her through her own 11-month prison sentence in 2015.⁠

The 50-year-old advised them to “stand strong for their family and manifest while being in prison what they want when they come out … and just to be strong for their children.”⁠

Giudice — who was also convicted of fraud alongside her ex-husband, Joe Giudice — continued, “It’s going to be very hard but they have to make the best of it … but they have to stay connected to their children and make it work.”⁠


Lizzy Savetsky Actually Left ‘RHONY’ After Behind The Scenes Controversy, Her Husband Saying The N-Word

This one is a lot, so please read in full castmates!⁠

A brand new member of Bravo’s revamped, racially diverse #RHONY left the show after her husband repeated the N-word on set while recounting a discussion between two of its stars, Page Six has learned.⁠

In fact, things went off the rails big time a few weeks ago while Savetsky was filming a scene with co-star #BrynnWhitfield, and got worse from there.⁠

We’re told Whitfield asked Orthodox Jew Savetsky, who has a reputation as a matchmaker if she’d set her up with a Jewish man. But Savetsky said that — while she has no problem with Jews dating gentiles — she prefers only to set up Jews with other Jews, sources said.⁠

Sources say that Whitfield felt affronted, and said something to the effect that Savetsky’s terminology sounds like that used by “horrific people [meaning Nazis] who did evil things to your people” would take, which shocked Savetsky.⁠

According to multiple insiders, the tension caused by the scene led to an off-camera phone call between Savetsky and Whitfield, during which they discussed the power of racial slurs.⁠

We’re told that Whitfield, who is half-Black, used the N-word during the call, but rather than using the term “N-word” she said the word it represents in full. We’re told that Savetsky got the impression that Whitfield planned to tell other cast members that Savetsky had also used the N-word during the call.⁠

Sources say that Savetsky’s husband, Dr. Ira Savetsky, was outraged and reported the alleged incident to the show’s producers.⁠

But we’re told that when he recounted the call, Ira also said the actual word rather than saying “the N-word.”⁠

We hear he later apologized, but the damage was done and we’re told that that’s when “conversations began” about the pair exiting the show.

Jacqueline Blake Talks Joining The Cast Of The Real Housewives Of Potomac

I had the opportunity to attend a private viewing party hosted by Jacqueline Blake while Season 7 of The Real Housewives of Potomac was airing, and this newbie had a lot to say about what happened this season, and where her friendships stand today.


She opened up about joining the show as a friend-of through full-time Housewife Mia Thornton, and says “I would say that season 7 had its ups and downs, everybody brought it, and it was a true testimony of who had my corner and who did not.” I obviously wanted to know more and I asked who exactly she was talking about that didn’t have her back. Blake said “I think everybody knows that Mia is not in my corner right now.” This comes after Blake and Thornton went blow for blow on Instagram which led fans know the two “best friends ”were officially done for. Blake wrote on her Instagram “this season was a eyeopener and true testimony of who had my best interest at heart.” she continued “through every step of this process i prayed for God to use me and allow me to use this platform to uplift, help, and empower.” 

Thornton did not like what she was seeing and decided to comment back “She loves men with wives, while trying too hard to be a ‘Housewife’ yet is only qualified to be a ‘friend’, if she would focus on herself maybe someone would want to wife her wanna be disloyal a[ss].” 

As season 7 of RHOP continues to air at its very early stages, the “best friend” due is still going strong, however after this social media dispute and the constant back and forth in the press, fans are in for even more drama as the season progresses.