The Real Housewives of Potomac’s Candiace Dillard-Bassett Reacts To Firing Rumors, “I Don’t Want To Get Fired”

“The Real Housewives of Potomac” star Candiace Dillard-Bassett is Pushin’ P–podcast that is. She’s spilling all the tea on the latest episode of her podcast “So That’s What We’re Doing?” All I can say is my cup runneth over trying to catch all this tea henny. 


The people v. Candiace

A new segment on the podcasts has Dillard-Bassett reading angry tweets from “fans” with a response from the clapback queen herself.


Angry tweet: “I pray Candiace is fired. I want to continue watching RHOP but won’t if she is on.”


Dillard-Bassett: “This is why I cannot take you seriously “ashy person”, because you can’t read me when you can’t read nor write your damn self.”


Angry tweet·#2: “I feel like Candiace Dillard says the nastiest things to her castmates and then hides her tail when they bark back.”


Dillard-Bassett: “Now see this is gas lighting okay you are gaslighting me because this is literally what they do to me. I don’t start anything with these girls. I’m always available for a ki(ki), for a vibe, for a libation, for a pork chop whatever. I’m never here for the mess. But my house is always on the block and my porch light stays on and I’m always at home. So if you come to my door “rat-to-tatton” on my door of course I’m going to answer and you’re going to get what you came for.”


Angry tweet#3: “Candiace Dillard got to be one of the most evil housewives to ever be on the franchise like right there next to Phaedra except she’s not remotely entertaining she’s just evil. and awful with the emotional development of a 13 year old person. Karma is a bitch honey. And she is coming for you.”


Dillard-Bassett: “What are you even saying because Phaedra is not evil? I guess because she allegedly made up a rumor so maybe they’re saying that was evil? But like I have my thoughts on that that I can’t comment on because I don’t want to get fired.


Dillard-Bassett is referring to the infamous moment Phaedra Parks was caught lying on Kandi Buress during season 9 of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta”, but it seems that Dillard is alluding to some foul play behind the scenes, perhaps by production? Could this lift some dirt off Parks’ name?


Atlanta to Salt Lake City

The “So That’s What We’re Doing?” hosts touch on Jennie Nguyen’s controversial, racist posts that led to her termination. Dillard-Bassett says “She could have just said you know I recognize that my stance on certain things and my beliefs is offensive to people and I regret that I have been offensive to people.” She continues, “I’m going to go away and try to do the unlearning of these things that are controversial and discrimintory, but even that would require her to belive that what she’s saying is discriminatory, and she doesn’t.”


Is she the most hated by Andy?

Co-host Leah Henry addresses the rumors going around regarding Dillard-Bassett; Henry says “speaking of lies or rumors there is actually a rumor going around about you so I wanted you to address it.” 


During a special edition of Watch What Happens Live Andy Cohen confessed his disdain for “one or two” housewives, however he puts aside his personal feelings because they make for great television. Fans quickly assumed: Dillard-Bassett and RHOA star Kenya Moore. 


Dillard-Bassett told the Twittersphere to leave her out of this. She did “@“ Cohen, and said “Do you see what you started?” On her podcast she says, “if you had just sat there Andy and ate your food and just said I love all the housewives, I just think that they are the most amazing contributors to pop culture and they have changed the game.” Her co-host Henry interrupts and says “I’ll be honest this sounds very guilty like it’s you.” Dillard-Bassett fires back with “Well it might be me hell, it very well might be my black ass, and if that’s the case okay thank you, thank you for putting me on the map.”


Fans have found Cohen to be “nasty” with Dillard-Bassett and to that she responds, “Really I don’t feel that?” She says Andy is a “shady boot. That’s his job.” 


Dillard-Bassett claims to have a good relationship with her boss. She even texted him “mazel tov” when he received his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.


An excerpt from the housewives exposé “Not All Diamonds and Rose” by Dave Quinn might have given fans the impression that there was a rift between Cohen and Dillard-Bassett. The excerpt references the brawl between former RHOP cast member Monique Samuels and Dillard-Bassett. 


Henry says “It was said, in the book, that you went off about the way that you felt he didn’t respond the way you wanted to.” 


Apparently Dillard-Bassett spoke to Cohen and wanted to know if he was going to do something regarding Samuels, but he was not as responsive as she would have liked. To this Dillard-Bassett responded “Yeah well, you know I can’t divulge our conversations.” Whether Cohen likes Dillard-Bassett: “I don’t care, my check is signed.”


Her co-host then says “And either way even if he is talking about you he said you ain’t going nowhere so praise the lord.”

Interesting enough, on Mar 3, 2022, well after the release of this podcast episode, Dillard-Bassett tweeted “Well. When one door closes, another will open.” Does that mean shady boot (Cohen) gave the RHOP star the actual boot? Filming for “The Real Housewives of Potomac” begins soon so stay tuned.

The Latest On Real Housewives of Salt Lake City’s Jen Shah’s Legal Case

Jen Shah was arrested back in March 2021. She has since been charged with conspiracy to commit wire fraud and conspiracy to commit money laundering, she could face a maximum of 50 years, if convicted for both charges.

Here’s what we know as of recently with information pertaining to the case. Shah had requested to be excused from her court appearance that was to take place on March 1, 2022. The reason it was requested was due to Jen living in the state of Utah and proceedings are taking place in New York. The request was granted.

On March 2, 2022, it was reported that Jen’s trial is now being postponed to July 11, 2022, for now. Court documents cite that there are various pending motions and subpoenas. One of the motions that Jen wants is the exclusion of any clips from her reality show RHOSLC. She has requested to keep that footage from Bravo out of her court case because the show is “heavily edited to show a certain lifestyle” and she doesn’t want any of that affecting her real life. Jen’s lawyers also filed a Motion to Dismiss against the Jen Shah documentary that aired of Hulu due to it possibly “poisoning the jury pool.” Is Jen being truthful or is this just to help her case?

Will these motions help the reality star stay from behind bars? Only time will tell but what we do know is that Jen’s assistant who originally pleaded not guilty with her, has changed his plea to guilty in the telemarketing scheme. He admitted to committing perjury and hiding funds back in 2021. However, Shah has maintained her innocence and even stated on an Instagram Live “I think what people don’t understand is, here in America, you’re innocent until proven guilty and I’m innocent.”

Stay with us for more to follow on this case.

Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Season 2 Reunion Part 1: Mary Cosby’s Absence Is Very Much Present

A disclaimer before any show makes for a great episode, or three in this case, as we’ve got a three part reunion for The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. 


“The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City reunion was taped prior to Jennie Nguyen’s social posts becoming public and her subsequent departure for the series; those posts are not addressed in the show.” 


The icy ladies of Salt Lake City arrive to set and Andy begins his rounds as the ladies get glammed. Heather tells Andy “our friendship group is in crisis.” Whitney says “it’s like game day, I have to watch the other team play,” as she is watching a playback of Lisa on her phone. Rumors had been circulating that over in Beverly Hills Erika Jayne had questions fed to her beforehand; to make sure Jen didn’t get “the short end of the stick” Andy goes to her trailer to confirm that no questions were given to Erika in advance at the Beverly Hills reunion. We know that Meredith had only seen Lisa’s rant about her the night before and to this Meredith tells Andy “it’s rather revolting.”


The cast caught a lot of flack for their reunion outfits this year, but the one that stood out the most was Jen Shah, with an over the top purple gown and feather collar. Andy points out that Jen’s outfit is quite show stopping; some might have expected her to show up in some kind of white, representing her innocence. There’s an eerie similarity between Jen’s gown and Yzma’s  from the animated film The Emperor’s New Groove. These two might have more in common than just their wardrobe. Even bigger than Jen’s wardrobe was Mary Cosby’s absence. Andy says she was upset about the comments made about her church, and “stunned” by Whitney calling her a predator. 


Someone who surprisingly came for Mary’s defense was Heather; who said that after watching her confessionals Mary said “insightful” things throughout the season. Heather doubles down by saying that Mary was “right on the money” about Lisa; she is referring specifically to when Mary says that Lisa doesn’t know how to be real. Whitney follows Heather’s point by admitting that Mary did have a way of having “wisdom and insight.” To refute this Jennie goes on to say that Mary called Whitney a whore in her confessionals. Meredith says “the show is not healthy for Mary,” but could it be the other way around? Is it healthy to have someone like Mary on the show? Keep reading to form your own conclusion. 


First in the hot seat is Jen as Andy reads the criminal charges against her. She is facing conspiracy to commit wire fraud with a maximum of 30 years in prison, and conspiracy to commit money laundering with an additional 20 years. Jen shares that her family had a talk about possibly quitting the show, but she felt she needed to tell her story. If Jen is found guilty then there is a scent of narcissism she possesses; to go on a reality show knowing the microscope she’d be put under is alarming. Her trial is set for March 22, 2022 in New York.


This season Jen went on an apology tour. She feels she’s apologized more than anyone else on the cast. She believes that there are other things going on in the group, but she’s always singled out; she does not hesitate to look at Lisa. Lisa defends herself by saying she’s never called her friend terrible names. She is referring to Jen calling Heather shrek, and Whitney donkey. Heather is quick to remind Lisa she’s called her friends worse names. “You called friends on this couch that you’ve known for 10 years a piece of shit garbage whore,” says Heather “I rather be called shrek everyday than be called the horrible things you’ve said about your friends of 10 years. 


Meredith has a breakdown as she opens about her personal family issues. She admits to everyone that she’s been dealing with things the camera didn’t see that go beyond her issues with Jen. She’s been grieving the loss of her father who passed away from Covid-19, all while fighting with her sister. “It wasn’t my story to tell, I couldn’t talk about it, I was in a state of immense pain,” says Meredith. Andy asks Meredith if ultimately Jen treated her better than her best friend Lisa. Meredith says yes. Lisa gasps and says “I have to be perfect all the time or I’m held to a different bar.”  


Whitney and Heather, aka “bad weather”, think Lisa manipulates Jennie to fight some of her battles. Jenny was “taken back” by their minion comment during an after show. “I’m her friend and she will not control what I do,” said Jennie. ” Heather explains, “I think Jennie  is in a tough position because she is Lisa’s friend and Lisa has expectations of her friends that are very controlling and I was worried that you were going to be motivated to do what she was manipulating you to do.”


Of course this does not sit well with Lisa to which she says “I don’t want to nor do I control anyone through manipulation or any other tactics. I have no tactics, you guys use the word minions so if anyone stands up for me they are the bad guys and I don’t like that.” Whitney apologizes to jennie if she called her a minion. Meredith interjects to say “I do think there is some level of control that goes on.” 


Things get awkward as they start to roll back the clips of Mary making racist remarks towards Jen Shah, saying when she thinks of her she sees a thug. “Those Mexican people that make all those drugs.” Mary also talked about Jennie saying “you do have a yellow tone, I like the slanted eyes, love it.” It didn’t stop there; she has also imitated Jennie’s accent. As an immigrant woman of color Jennie says it’s difficult living in Salt Lake City. According to her it’s a contrast to Long Beach, California where she says there’s a lot of diversity. All her life she’s been told she needs to “learn to communicate.” 


In that same clip we see Meredith at lunch with Mary where she tells her “please no characters please” while giggling. Although it seemed as if Meredith brushed it off she says “I was horrified and uncomfortable.” 


As they confronted Mary at Whitney’s party Meredith was asked about the slanted eyes comment but she stayed silent. At the reunion Meredith addressed Jennie. “When you’re dealing with a comment that is prejudicial you’re supposed to look at the party affected by it, to get a cue,” says Meredith. In what book did Meredith read that? 


Things quickly turn to Heather as they discuss her comment about Jennie looking like an anime character. “It’s not because you are asian, which I realize and it’s terrible that it came out that way,” says Heather. “You were wearing a vinyl corset. You looked like a cartoon, drawn, physically-beautifully, ridiculously over designed like an anime character, like a cartoon.” Jennie interrupts to say “that’s the thing, I love a compliment, I just don’t like the labeling.” Heather agrees, “I know, I shouldn’t have said that, I’m sorry.” 


One thing about tables–they always turn. Jennie’s use of African American Vernacular English (AAVE) leaves some confused. A viewer’s question suggests that Jennie uses stereotypical depictions of black women when she talks to or about Mary. Jennie says “I don’t see that I have a black accent, I grew up in Long Beach, California. It shaped who I am, that is where I get my accent, I have an accent, whatever comes out, comes out.”


In the last episode Jennie throws a glass at Mary; Andy says “Is that a little bit hypocritical to reprimand Mary for being violent with her words when you were violent with her actions?” Jennie’s response? “I didn’t throw it at Mary, I threw it on the floor. If I wanted it to hit Mary it would have hit Mary.” 


Jennie has apologized to Mary in the past, she even did her make up afterwards so she’s confused why the tension continued. Heather says “there’s a part of me that thinks that Mary is racist because it didn’t stop there and it seemed to always come up.”


Andy reveals to the ladies that he spoke to Mary and she said she didn’t think black people were capable of being racist. “They are. Everyone is capable of being racists,” says Jennie. The camera spans to all cast members as suspenseful music plays. We love a shady camera man. 


They finally address Angie (friend of) this season. A clip shows Angie telling Whitney that there has been a “hiccup” with the party she’s been planning. Angie reveals that according to the restaurant: “we’ve been asked to host events at the restaurant by Lisa’s assistant, we can’t do your event.” Whitney thinks Lisa was sabotaging Angie and her event.


By a show of hands Everyone except Jennie thinks that Lisa is the biggest pot stirrer of the group. Jen says there’s one on each couch. Whintey says “I think that Lisa does a brilliant job of stirring the pot and I always take the baton.” 


A viewer asks Lisa to explain the timeline of the catering debacle. Lisa pulls out a binder of receipts. A watered down version of the infamous Monique Samuels binder from season 5 of Potomac reunion if I must say. They proved very little in Lisa’s defense.


Whitney thinks Lisa wanted to sabotage Angie because she and Angie connect. Whitney insists that Lisa didn’t want Angie to acknowledge Whitney as her cousin. Whitney goes on to say that Angie knows Lisa’s “deepest darkest secrets.”


Andy brings up Heather and Whitney celebrating Angie’s birthday in Cabo. Heather says to Lisa “Everything was paid for. It’s the life you pretend to have that Angie actually has and we enjoyed the spoils of it.” Heather continues, “You know what I have dirt on you Lisa and I’ve held it all back but I won’t hold it back anymore.” It doesn’t end there. To finish her Heather says “I liked her more when I saw her true self show up than I’ve ever liked her, because I don’t want to be friends with a caricature of some teen magazine that she read in 8th grade that said how to be a cool mean girl.”


A viewer question addressed to Jen asks if she felt Lisa wanted to humiliate her when she mentioned Jen’s former dress designer on the show, or was she worried Whitney was being a bad friend by sending him a free skin care product. Jen calls Lisa two faced, and what seems to be an admission, Lisa says she didn’t mean to be. She recognizes that she messed up by mentioning he who shall not be named.


Lisa shares that in a moment not caught on camera she and Jen talked on the phone and she thought that would be the last time they spoke. Lisa says “I love Jen Shah, as controversial as that is.” In an aggravated tone Jen interrupts and says “You don’t have to add as controversial as that is to love jen shah, leave that shit out. Either love me or don’t love me but I’m tired of all the disclaimers when it comes to Jen Shah. It’s bullshit.”


Stay tuned as next week the reunion continues.

The Real Housewives of Miami Season 4 Finale Recap: Explosive Beginning, Sad Ending

It’s the finale of RHOM! This finale starts out with a bang as it continues from the heated conversation between Adriana and Larsa at Alexia’s bachelorette party. Adriana and Larsa continue to hurl insults at each other which led to Adriana accusing Larsa of wanting to be a “Kim Kardashian” look-a-like and Larsa accusing Adriana of being insecure and bi-polar. Larsa ends up leaving the party but if you ask me, I think Adriana hit a button in Larsa. Marysol gathers the remaining girls to enjoy the night’s festivities! 

Just when we thought all the arguing was done, Larsa pops back up to join the girls for a farewell breakfast. Although Larsa greets everyone, she comes in with guns blazing and ready to pick up where she left off from the previous night. She immediately turns her attention to Julia to address those issues. Larsa states, “when have you ever tried to make plans with me?” “When have you ever tried to get to know me, get to know my family, I came to your house and got know your family?” Julia responds, “I felt like making friends with me in real life wasn’t good enough because I only have two-thousand Instagram followers versus two million”. Larsa says she feels like Julia is biased to Adriana and that’s the real issue at hand. Then Adriana and Larsa get into a pissing match yet again. 

As the girls return to their regular lives, we learn that Alexia’s mother continues to be hospitalized which places stress on the family as their wedding day is vastly approaching. Unfortunately, the uncertainty of her mother’s health as she battles COVID-19 looms over what should be a time of celebration.

Larsa and Scottie officially sign their divorce papers. She begins the transition into this new chapter of her life as a single woman. The tone of the episodes takes an even more sad turn as Nicole discusses with Marysol that Alexia’s mother has been released from the hospital with hospice care. Nicole presents the idea of doing a solidarity ceremony with all the girls on behalf of Alexia.

The latter part of this episode shows Guerdy discussing with her husband everything that needed to be cancelled for Alexia’s wedding which originally was taking place this very day. During that conversation, Guerdy shockingly says to her husband “oh my God Russell, she died. Today was supposed to be the wedding.” “Poor Alexia, she just can’t catch a break.” 

The solidarity ceremony begins as the ladies start to arrive to Nicole’s home. All of the ladies work to put their differences aside after being reminded that there are more important things to life than petty drama. As the ladies arrive, Lisa enters the scene in a bright green dress while most of the other ladies are wearing black. Lisa states, “I should’ve worn black.” Although no one is saying it, everyone is thinking she should have worn black. The ladies retreat to the pool area where they each say a sweet sentiment for Alexia and her mother while each placing lit lanterns to float off in the water. 

Disclaimer: Larsa wasn’t in attendance because she was in Los Angeles. Nicole was not in attendance due to work.

The ladies show up in support of Alexia’s family as they bury her mother. It reminds us that the ladies of Miami know how to be there for each other when it is needed. Fast forward four months later, Alexia and Todd announce they are going to get married in St. Barts!

The end of RHOM reflects on what’s to come for some of the ladies. Alexia does elope with Todd in St. Barts. Unfortunately, her marital bliss was short-lived when her son Peter was charged with battery after an alleged physical altercation with his girlfriend. Guerdy: made her way onto Vogue’s list of best wedding planners. Nicole’s $40 million offer fell through on their home, but Anthony proposed with a 10-carat diamond ring. Lisa is enjoying motherhood with her two beautiful children and Larsa is single and ready to mingle now that she has sold her home and bought a penthouse in Miami while Julia and Martina move into their new Miami Beach home!

Rest in Heaven, Nancy Hernandez


RHOBH Producers Forced To Shut Down Filming After Lisa Rinna Blasts Erika Jayne For ‘Self-Medicating’

Lisa Rinna has reportedly turned on her “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” bestie, Erika Jayne. Bravo producers supposedly had to shut down cameras when Rinna began blasting Erika after a blowout fight unfolded during a cast trip to Aspen.

Rinna supposedly fired off a string of accusations about Erika during the weekend trip to Colorado, and there were allegedly lots of eyewitnesses to Rinna’s diatribe.

The cast was reportedly rehashing the altercation that went down hours before inside Felix Roasting Company when Rinna supposedly went off. Rinna expressed concern about Erika allegedly self-medicating with booze and pills, but Erika was not present to defend herself. Rinna’s allegations reportedly crossed some sort of production boundary, and witnesses to the drama claim that producers shut down filming.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 11 Cast / Bravo TV

“A producer had to step in and they stopped filming… then all the girls made an agreement to not name call anymore and filming resumed,” an insider alleged.

The source also claimed that Rinna’s tongue-lashing occurred after she mixed it up with Dorit the previous night.

Dorit maintained a neutral stance last season about Erika’s alleged involvement in her estranged husband, Tom Girardi’s reported scheme to embezzle settlement funds. The disbarred lawyer has been accused of using settlement funds owed to clients to bankroll his posh lifestyle and his wife’s pop star career.

While Dorit remained on the fence, Rinna fiercely defended Erika last season amid her mounting legal woes.

“Rinna seems to be in a good place with Garcelle [Beauvais] and Sutton [Stracke],” the eyewitness alleged. “Sounded like Rinna has gotten to a point where she can no longer defend Erika.”

“Dorit feels bad for Erika and [is] trying to help her out,” the insider later added. “Really seemed like there is a beginning to be a rift between Erika and Rinna although Rinna sounded genuinely concerned for her.”

The insider also alleged that the ladies called Erika out for “refusing to give up her earrings” and for being angry at the idea that she should.

Jackie Goldschneider Confirms Luis Ruelas Will Confront Rumors During Season 12 Of RHONJ

Teresa Giudice’s fiancé, Luis “Louie” Ruelas, will address some rumors about himself on “The Real Housewives of New Jersey.”

“There’s a pretty epic scene [this season] where he does answer some questions,” Jackie Goldschneider, 45, exclusively told Page Six in a new interview.

“But I don’t want to spoil anything, so I will not tell you how it turned out.”

Goldschneider said there’s also “no end” to the gossip surrounding Giudice’s beau throughout Season 12 of “RHONJ.”

Jackie Goldschneider confirmed to Page Six that Luis Ruelas will address rumors about himself during Season 12 of “RHONJ.”

“There’s an awful lot of rumors and they just keep on coming,” she teased. “That kind of drama just doesn’t go away. There’s no end to it.”

“It’s never fun being the one in the hot seat, and I’m not sure that Luis knows what he signed up for yet,” she told Page Six. “Because it’s really difficult enough to film it, but watching it back is, I think, even harder.”

Luis Ruelas and Teresa Giudice have been engaged since October 2021.

She added, “I hope that he can take it in stride and, you know, kind of have fun with it, if possible.”

RHONJ Star Jennifer Aydin’s Daughter Discovered Father’s Affair On TikTok

Jennifer Aydin never thought she’d tell her kids their father, Dr. Bill Aydin, cheated on her 10 years ago — but that changed when “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” Season 12 went into production last summer.

In an exclusive interview with Page Six, the Bravolebrity, 44, reveals the heartbreaking moment the couple’s 9-year-old daughter, Olivia, discovered the plastic surgeon’s affair via TikTok, as cameras started rolling.

Jennifer told Page Six it was “not easy” to discuss Bill’s 10-year-old tryst on “RHONJ” Season 12.

“We had a blogger leak this awful storyline and somebody made a TikTok on it,” she recounts.

“My sweet little Olivia — who threw a beautiful anniversary party for us [on ‘RHONJ’ Season 11] to show how her parents are still in love — saw a TikTok that said ‘the big secret.’”

Jennifer says that Olivia proudly defended her mom and dad in the comments section of the post, writing, “This is my mommy and daddy and this is not true!”

The Bravo star and her husband, Dr. Bill Aydin, also share kids Justin, 17, Gabriella, 14, Jacob, 12, and Christian, 10.

It wasn’t long before the Aydins’ youngest child told Jennifer about the valiant effort to protect her parents.

“She came to me to show me her comment and said, ‘Look mommy, I’m defending you from all of these lies,’” Jennifer says sadly.

She quickly asked Olivia to delete the comment, as it ultimately was untrue: Bill, 43, stepped out on his wife with a pharmaceutical rep while she was pregnant with their fourth child, son Christian, now 10.

“I said, ‘It’s for the show and it’s not good if we release things, so maybe we shouldn’t draw attention.’ I had her take it down that way,” recalls Jennifer, who took a beat before sharing more details with her little girl.

Why RHOBH’s Garcelle Beauvais Unfollowed Erika Jayne

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Garcelle Beauvais settles the dust on whys she unfollowed fellow cast-member Erika Jayne, “she called me something that I did not like, and so therefore, when somebody offends you in a way, I don’t want to see her posts, I don’t want to put a little like … [We’re currently] not friends.” Beauvais said on her show ‘The Real’⁠.

Friends were texting Beauvais in shock that the unfollow reaction created such a huge commotion. With little due time, Jayne commented under a fan account, “Well [let] me unfollow her back.”

Garcelle has recently vocalized her disapproval of Erika’s actions especially her involvement in Tom Girardi’s embezzlement case. ⁠

“There’s so much more that she could do, even if she’s not guilty of knowing everything that Tom was doing,” Beauvais argued during Monday’s episode of “The Real.”⁠

Meredith Marks Calls Jennie Nguyen’s Racists Posts ‘Vile’

Meredith Marks seems to have referred to her co-star Jenny Nguyen’s racists social media post with the word “Vile.”

The “Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” star tweeted the word late Wednesday night after her castmate’s Facebook post (some criticizing the Black Lives Matter movement) became viral early in the day.

When her fans asked her to explain her thoughts, Marks insisted that she had to be silent for now.

“Not allowed rn (right now) but yes I have a lot more to say about many things. And I will,” Marks assured the fan.

The rest of the “RHOSLC” ladies have kept quiet on the matter.

So far, Marks seems to be the only co-star to deal with Nguyen’s previous post.

‘RHOSLC’ Star Jennie Nguyen Faces Backlash For Racist Posts

Fans are calling for Jennie Nguyen to be fired from “Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” after several controversial social media posts appearing to promote “White Lives Matter” from 2020 resurfaced this week.

Over a six month span in 2020 amid the ongoing Black Lives Matter protests, Nguyen allegedly posted and reposted memes and photos, including ones which mention phrases like “BLM Thugs” and “Violent Gangs.”

Below you can see some of the posts that surfaced from Jennie’s Facebook account:

Nguyen shared various graphics, such as this one.

Fans have been calling on Bravo to fire Nguyen.

Nguyen’s shared these posts from June through December 2020.


One post, allegedly shared by the 44-year-old “Housewife” in September 2020, reads, “I’m sick of people saying cops need more training. You had 18 years to teach your kids it’s wrong to loot, steal, set buildings a blaze, block traffic, laser people’s eyes, overturn cars, destroy buildings and attack citizens. Who failed who?”

Nguyen’s alleged resurfaced posts follow her previously calling out her co-star Mary M. Cosby for being racist. During a recent episode, Cosby told Nguyen that she has “nice slanted eyes.” She went on to confront Cosby, and while many of the ladies had her back, Cosby didn’t step down and their feud has since escalated.

Cosby has since doubled down that her comment was a sincere compliment and said she will “never” apologize to Nguyen.

Bravo nor the other Housewives have commented on Jennie’s comments, however, co-star Meredith Marks posted a very cryptic message on Twitter indirectly addressing the situation.


The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.