RHOSLC Star Jen Shah Requests Reduced Prison Sentence After Pleading Guilty

#JenShah has requested a reduced prison sentence after pleading guilty to wire fraud.

The #RHOSLC whose plea agreement calls for up to 14 years behind bars – is asking for three years in prison.

“We submit that such a sentence is just and fair because it takes into account Ms. Shah’s history and characteristics, the facts and circumstances of the offense, and meets that a court impose a sentence that is ‘not greater than necessary’ to achieve the goals of punishment,” Shah’s attorney, Priya Chaudhry, wrote in a sentencing submission filed on Friday.

Shah’s legal team listed several reasons why she should serve the reduced sentence, arguing that the reality star had no “direct contact” with the alleged victims and that her “history and characteristics” align with a smaller sentencing.

Jen Shah Pleads Guilty In Wire Fraud Case, Faces Up To 14 Years In Prison

Jennifer Shah faces 168 months in prison after pleading guilty to conspiracy to commit wire fraud in connection with telemarketing. 


The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star appeared before the U.S. District Court Judge Sidney Stein in Manhattan on Monday July 11, 2022.


Shah was arrested in March of 2021 for having a role in a telemarketing scheme which targeted hundreds of people, specifically those over the age of 55. The arrest was captured by Bravo later that year. 


Shah’s arrest was the biggest storyline during season 2 of the RHOSLC; at the reunion she doubled down on her innocence. “I am fighting this. I am innocent. And I will fight for every person out there who can’t fight for themselves because they don’t have the resources or the means, so they don’t fight.”


The Bravolebrity’s assistant, Stuart Smith, was arrested just before her, to which he pleaded guilty. According to Page Six Smith was charged with one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud in connection with telemarketing, one count of conspiracy to commit money laundering and one count of obstructing an official proceeding. He originally pleaded not guilty, but then changed his plea to guilty and agreed to testify against Shah.


Over the course of the year Shah attempted to convince the audience that she was innocent of any wrongdoing, and she almost got away with it. But in the words of Andy Cohen, “The success rate of the New York State Attorney is like 95%.”


Originally Shah pleaded not guilty to conspiracy to commit wire fraud and conspiracy to commit money laundering. She was set to stand trial on July 18, but she changed her previous not guilty plea just one week before. Shah’s new plea deal involves dropping the second charge. Shah has agreed to forfeit $6.5 million and she has to pay up to $9.5 million in restitution. Her sentencing is now set for Fall 2022, where she may face up to 11 and 14 years in prison. 


Shah said she knew it was wrong and illegal, “many people were harmed and I’m so sorry.” She continued by saying there was a “misrepresentation of the product, regarding the value of the service,” noting it “had little to no value.”


Priya Chaudhry, her attorney, told NBC News her client pleaded guilty “because she wants to pay her debt to society and put this ordeal behind her and her family.”


Eboni K. Williams Says Sonja Morgan Was The Only Person Open To A Diverse Cast

Carlos King spent years producing drama, now he’s spilling the tea on it. King is famous for some of the pettiest housewives fights in bravo history. From Jersey to Atlanta, he produced iconic scenes that we still reference today. With his new podcast, “Reality with the King”, we can expect exclusive tea from his time as  a producer for the housewives franchise. 


The housewives universe has been shaken ever since news broke that RHONY would be split into two shows: RHONY: legacy (working title) and RHONY. The legacy series will catch up with some OG’s and fan favorites, while Season 14 of RHONY will center a “multicultural” cast of real friends that better represent New York City’s elite.


Williams was afforded an advanced call from production about the executive decision regarding the two shows; without telling much she says “When the general populous found out I was informed.” She admits she was in her feelings at first. “I feel very strongly that I did everything in my power, everything I knew, to do everything I could do to show up full throttle as my inaugural season as a housewife.” 


Season 13, starring Williams, was shot during lock-down. She’s been vocal about how she feels she’s been robbed of traditional housewife perks, such as the international trips, the reunion, and the glitz and glam of it all.


After digesting the news, Williams said that the decision is more than fair. “The audience deserves to see what has always made housewives successful: which is not a plug and play casting situation. It is a curation of an existing friend group of women with different personalities, different dynamics, different  aspects, coming together and living that out loud for television.” Essentially Williams will have to audition for her job all over again.


King gives his two cents, “I felt that, wow did Eboni shake the table so much that she single-handedly raised the flag to a show that did not represent diversity that we all know New York has become? And because people i.e the audience, have said Eboni ruined the show.” Williams has both white and black critics. King implies that they can’t get rid of Williams as the first black housewife of New York City.


King believes they want to create two separate shows to appease black folks, while saving Ramona’s job. He thinks that if it hadn’t been for Williams being on the show this would have never happened. I agree. Although Bravo took a hit with Betheny’s departure, letting go of Ramona is too much of a risk for the network. 


Williams was willing to negotiate with her former castmates about what an ensemble future could look like that included everyone. “They were unwilling to come to the table and meet me even halfway in that negotiation.” Eboni makes it clear that only Sonja Morgan was open to changes. Apparently Ramona, LuAnne, and Leah were not willing to engage. In Williams’ opinion, that is the reason they are getting these two shows. 

The Real Housewives of New York City Season 13 Cast


“If those same former castmates of mine had been willing to enter into the negotiation of co-existing and sharing space with myself and additional women outside of their particular New York world and bubble, you would have had a season 14 that was what everybody anticipated. A proper integration of old school and new school.”


Am I really shocked that Leah was unwilling to be part of the growth? No. At the end of the day we’re talking about Upper East Side white women.


King said he had his doubts about Eboni as a housewife, and even said out loud “Does Eboni belong on this show?” To which Williams quickly replied, “Or do they belong on this show? I think that’s what Bravo is ultimately telling us that they concluded. That perhaps the time is up for that energy to be at the forefront of one of the flagships.”


Williams had no problem giving Bethenny her flowers. She said that Bethenny “activated” the show, and even calls her “a force multiplier”. Williams learned that phrase from a prolific NFL coach. “A force multiplier is a type of individual you can drop into any scenario and everyone around them comes alive. Everyone around them offers something better, different, stronger.”


She continues, “Housewives all across the board are peppered with plug and play types.” But there will always be force multipliers: The Bethenny’s, the Kenya Moores,  the Tamara Judges, and the Gizelle Bryants.


While interviewing Williams, King had an epiphany. “You don’t have to confirm or deny this, this is me saying it. I now understand you were put in a box to represent a movement so that other people could say see we talked about it, we’re on the path and we’re a part of the movement so leave us alone PR people leave us alone black Twitter, instead of saying why can’t we represent Eboni K. Williams on this show the way we did with Garcelle on Beverly Hills.”


He continues, “I now realized in this “aha” moment you were never given a fair chance of showing the authenticity of who you are because there was one agency that was placed on you and the fucked up part about it is you and the black community, the pressures of the black community on your shoulders and that is not fair to a woman who is walking into 13 years of an established show. So I apologize to you.”


Williams gracefully tells him no apology is needed. She explains that she has successfully divorced herself from white comfort and white approval. What’s important to her is acceptance and relationship by the black community and culture.


King believes that Williams will be back because apart from her diverse friend group, she is going to show a side to herself that the audience hasn’t seen. He said “We saw a glimmer of that when you were on WWHL. Everybody watched you on the most recent episode of WWHl and fell in love with you.”


Williams shares that no one (production) made space for her personal story because they were too preoccupied with the racial conflict that was existing between Williams and the veteran cast members. She admits she stopped watching the show after black shabbat. “It’s not an accident when you’re the first black woman they choose to put on the platform for what I now can say retroactively  was a demolition of sorts.” 


King believes that the reboot of RHONY will be Eboni and other women, and that the show will be on peacock, while RHONY: legacy will be on Bravo. “I believe based on the fact that the ratings for this past season of NYC wasn’t the greatest, that bravo is not going to take a chance of putting on the linear network a brand new cast hoping to cas that same audience.” 


Williams disagrees; apparently the ratings weren’t much better than season 12. RHONY hadn’t been doing great for a while, so just because the OG gets back together again, doesn’t mean that the ratings will sky rocket. 


Williams admits that she wasn’t swooning over being a housewife for season 13. She was more concerned with being an important representation of black womanhood on a global iconic platform. “Now a bitch is old, outside is open, I want to be a housewife now. I’m kind of bought into it, the whimsicalness of that part now. 


If she is invited to the reboot of season 14 it would look more like Eboni’s crew. “Why wouldn’t I continue the relationship that’s already been established and consider building a fuller cast around a woman who is clearly at the center of media elite New York, of cultural integration and intersection, and is on the cusp of making massive life decisions concerning baby, man, and money. It just makes sense to me.” 


Williams has hired a matchmaker to support her journey to love and marriage. 


As we speak, Williams is in work mode when it comes to pitching her group of friends to the network. “I’m not going through instagram. I’m going through my text messages. When it comes to who I’m actually going to put a bra on for, and go out my house with by choice, with no check attached thats a small group of women, they just happen to be fantastic”


When asked if she would want Bershan back on the show, she states that she has no beef with her. She wishes for her health, prosperity, and happiness. Bershan and Eboni were never friends, Bershan and Ramona were never friends, and news flash: Eboni and Leah were never friends. 


“They identified two exceptional black women. The two most educated people that appeared on your screen for RHONY were myself with a doctorate and Bershan with her master’s from Syracuse, baby don’t play with us. So when it comes to credentials and qualifications we were overqualified to be amongst  those particular women.” 


Williams shares that during filming her and Bershan had a conversation where it was kind of odd that they had to kiss the ring, and sing for their supper, and be invited to things. 


King throws his hat in the bid and wants his production company to produce the upcoming season of RHONY. “I know how to produce a diverse cast. I did Jersey. I did Atlanta.” For the last 13 seasons the same production company has been behind the “crown jewel” that RHONY is, but it’s time for someone who understands the (new) assignment.  

Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Season 2 Reunion Part 2: Lisa Barlow Versus Everyone!

The reunion continues to heat up as chatter surrounding the memorial for Meredith’s father is brought to the table. Throughout the season nearly everyone had an opinion regarding the exact date of the service. The controversy started as the ladies were off to Vail for their cast trip; Lisa phoned Meredith to say “I feel awful calling you; Jen’s husband is in the hospital, Meredith I hate interrupting you right now, go be with your family right now. I love you, I’ll see you in a little bit.”


We clearly hear Meredith respond “I love you, I love you alright bye.” Nowhere in the audio does Meredith say the word memorial. So for Lisa to tell everyone on the sprinter van, “Meredith is at her father’s memorial, I hate even bothering her,” is concerning.


Lisa is adamant that she heard Meredith say, “Hold on a second I just stepped out of my dad’s memorial.” However, Meredith raises a good question, why would she answer the phone if she was in the middle of her father’s memorial? The future isn’t looking bright for this friendship.


Meredith states, “I was actually in the bathtub, not at the house in Vail, in the hotel in Vail, when you called me, so that is not true I was not at a memorial I was in the bathtub for the second time. It’s enough.” We hear Andy second Meredith’s motion as he softly repeats “enough.”


Regardless if this was a major misunderstanding, we’re watching the demise of one of the longest friendships in housewives history.


As they break for lunch we get a hush-hush conversation between Lisa and Meredith. Lisa says, “Meredith I didn’t call you because I feel like it would be better to say it to everyone at once where I was, but do you know I love you?” Meredith responds, “I don’t know what to know. I don’t want to hear the excuses, please just stop.” 


Lisa storms off the set and goes to her trailer. She gets a producer on the phone and says, “You guys knew what you were doing when you put that in there like I was on a rant. I think what you guys did by adding that in there you just gave them all a reason to fucking say, “thats who you are, that’s who are you.” I’m done, you let them narrate me.” The camera’s walk into  Lisa’s trailer but she was quick to let them know they need to leave.


The ladies return to the set and Andy takes a cast vote. By a show of hands all of the ladies admit that they’ve received mean texts from Mary, except Jennie. It’s shocking that even Meredith wasn’t saved from Mary’s wrath. After Jennie threw her glass at her, Mary would have liked more support from Meredith.


“There was a lot of talk about Mary’s church being a cult,” says Andy. He asked Meredith, Whitney and Jen if they believed that, after attending a service there. Meredith says, “I didn’t see anything at the church that would lead me to believe it’s a cult.” Whitney states, “When I attended no, I question now.” Jen’s answer is my favorite: “I think every church is a cult to an extent.” Jen explains it was a mother’s day tribute, but only to Mary. “They were like losing their minds over Mary, like they’re there for her,” says Jen. Whitney believes that Mary uses the fear of God to get what she wants. 

Cameron Williams, the most outspoken ex-member of Mary’s congregation, passed away shortly after his appearance on the show. The cause of death has not been revealed. “I miss him so much and I am so sad he is not here,” says Lisa, who’s known him for over 5 years. 


The ladies have questioned the authenticity of Lisa’s friendship with Cameron, but it didn’t stop there. The ladies were not convinced that he was on the board of Utah Foster Care, as Lisa made it seem, by having him at the Fresh Wolf event benefiting foster care. 


Whitney is adamant that he was not a board member, but that he was a supporter. Lisa claims he was in the process of becoming a member. There is speculation that Cameron was invited to Lisa’s event because she wanted him to meet Meredith and Whitney, reveal damning information about Mary, and have the ladies take it back to the group, quite clever on Lisa’s part. 


Meredith asks Lisa the million dollar, or in this case the $300,000 question. Did Cameron really give Mary $300,000? Lisa says, “I think I got the numbers wrong. He mortgaged his house to give her money.” Meredith calls Lisa out for lying and recalls a conversation they had off camera. “You flat out told me off camera that he did not donate $300,000. You told me it was about 10 percent of that, and  Mary told me the same thing,” according to Meredith. 


I’m sorry, but did Mary actually admit to this? It doesn’t make her look any better that someone would “donate” $30,000 to her. 


“I might have had it wrong,” said Lisa. Meredith was angry that Lisa didn’t correct that information with the group. Meredith says, “You let everyone else believe that, on world wide television. Lisa pulls out text messages from Cameron. Heather reacts, “He’s passed on, why would you be his voice? I don’t know if he elected you to represent him.” 


Cameron’s text message to Lisa: “I want to text you in case someone tries to misconstrue the truth, Whitney Rose reached out to me through Angie. I don’t know her at all. I didn’t tell her anything that happened between me and Mary.” 


Lisa wasn’t the only one with receipts. Whitney had her own stash.


Whitney’s text to Cameron: “I don’t want to create an issue with you and Lisa but a few of the things that I heard are weighing heavy on my heart and I’d like to hear it from you.” 


Whitney believes he was ready to come out about mary. Mary’s congregation believes she’s God. There’s a clip from when Jen attended a service, and a woman reading to Mary says that she’s a facsimile of God, meaning an exact copy. Apparently Cameron had told Whintey that he had a relationship with Mary in the past.


According to Lisa there’s a support group for ex members of Mary’s church. Whitney has had ex-members of her congregation come up to her and say that the ladies had it right this whole time in regards to Mary’s church.


Jen pointed out multiple times in the season that Meredith hadn’t been a good friend to Lisa. Lisa defends herself by saying “I was never offended by Meredith’s relationship with Mary.” Cut to the scene in the sprinter van where Lisa says the double standard with Meredith is that she supports kindness yet supports the meanest person in the group, referring to Mary.


Meredith has been building a case against Lisa throughout the reunion, proving that she has had Lisa’s back. 


Exhibit A: At casino night, when Lisa ran into an issue with Angie, Meredith backed her up. 


Exhibit B: Jen was very upset about not being invited to the Fresh Wolf event, and at Mary’s lunch Meredith defended Lisa by saying not everyone gets invited to everything. 


To rest her case Meredith says, “I find it incomprehensible that me expressing my feelings of being offended could be enough. There’s nothing that could be enough to trigger that kind of tirade against anyone. I’ve never spoken that way about anybody, nonetheless someone who  professes to be like sisters, family friends, friends for 10 years. Ever.


Meredith claims to have called Lisa three days before her father passed away; apparently Lisa never called to check on her. Two days after he passed Meredith called her to tell her he died and to invite her to shabbat dinner; while at dinner Meredith felt that all Lisa wanted to do was attack her, to make friends with Jen.


Meredith says, “I needed a moment to grieve and a friend to be there for me and you hurt me and you let me down.” Lisa claims she called Meredith back and checked on her. Again, who is lying? Who is telling the truth?


Meredith reads her text to Lisa: “if you love my family please stand up for it, i am in immense pain, suffering daily, what you decide is right for you i always respect, but I am asking for a friend. I have gone through what no one should ever, I am hurting, I love you, I am in extreme pain and feel alone.”


After Meredith sent that text, Lisa would fire the shot heard around the world. “Meredith can go fuck herself I’m done with her because I’m not a fucking whore and I dont cheat on my husband. Her and her dumb fucking family that poses. Why don’t you own a house? Well you can’t because your husband changes jobs every five minutes. Meredith is a piece of shit ; I have your back I’m offended by that fuck you that fucking piece of shit garbage whore. I fucking hate her, shes  a whore she’s fucked half of new york, she can go fuck herself.”


Meredith states that the hatred that the delivery came with is what resonated with her. “I couldn’t even sit and watch it. I’d stop, It took me about an hour to get through it. I was sick. Utterly sick.” Whitney does what she does best and stirs the pot. She goes on to tell Meredith, “She told people before this was even filmed exactly that. You should call “Sarah Jane Warner.” 


Lisa apologizes for her rant and blames it on blind rage. She says, “I was trying for you to understand that why is it okay for you to be friends with Heather and Whitney but me not to be friends with Jen? Why is it okay for Heather and Whitney to be friends with Jen but not me. That is where I was confused but you can be friends with everyone but i have parameters on who I can be friends with. That was rough for me.”


Lisa breaks down. She claims that her castmates want to break her all the time.


Whitney offers Lisa some advice and tells her that in a moment when her friend is devastated, just stop talking. Lisa apologizes once more and Meredith says “I saw this less than 48 hours ago, as you say I am processing. I don’t know where I stand. I hate to throw a 10 year  friendship out the window. I’m devastated. I could not fathom someone speaking about me that way. And I have to start to question if you did it intentionally.”


Moving on Andy asked Meredith what she meant when she said she would expose who everyone slept with. Meredith says, “They know who they are, they know what they’ve done. Maybe I know this about this one and that about that one. I’m tired of it. Stop weaponizing my father’s death against me. Stop making up rumors that I turned Jen into the FBI. Leave me alone.”


Andy makes it clear that she’s basically threatening everyone, and Meredith doesn’t deny it. In fact she admits it.


Lastly, Andy brings up the rumor that Meredith and Jen were seeing the same guy at some point. Meredith explains, “I haven’t dated anyone other than my husband for well over 2 years. I can’t speak for Jen, she can speak for herself. According to both ladies it’s not true.


Lisa tries her luck with Meredith one more time during a break. She asked Meredith if they could talk. Meredith says, “I don’t think we can talk off camera right now I’m in the middle of this. Lisa I’m not getting into all this off camera shit.” 


Apparently Lisa was triggered because Meredith was supposedly making fun of her home renovations, calling her house ugly. Meredith says “What would I say about your renovation. so you have an ugly house so you should rip my character to shreds?” 


Next week the men join the ladies. A new episode of “The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” airs Sunday Mar 13, 2022 at 8/9 central.


Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Season 2 Reunion Part 1: Mary Cosby’s Absence Is Very Much Present

A disclaimer before any show makes for a great episode, or three in this case, as we’ve got a three part reunion for The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. 


“The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City reunion was taped prior to Jennie Nguyen’s social posts becoming public and her subsequent departure for the series; those posts are not addressed in the show.” 


The icy ladies of Salt Lake City arrive to set and Andy begins his rounds as the ladies get glammed. Heather tells Andy “our friendship group is in crisis.” Whitney says “it’s like game day, I have to watch the other team play,” as she is watching a playback of Lisa on her phone. Rumors had been circulating that over in Beverly Hills Erika Jayne had questions fed to her beforehand; to make sure Jen didn’t get “the short end of the stick” Andy goes to her trailer to confirm that no questions were given to Erika in advance at the Beverly Hills reunion. We know that Meredith had only seen Lisa’s rant about her the night before and to this Meredith tells Andy “it’s rather revolting.”


The cast caught a lot of flack for their reunion outfits this year, but the one that stood out the most was Jen Shah, with an over the top purple gown and feather collar. Andy points out that Jen’s outfit is quite show stopping; some might have expected her to show up in some kind of white, representing her innocence. There’s an eerie similarity between Jen’s gown and Yzma’s  from the animated film The Emperor’s New Groove. These two might have more in common than just their wardrobe. Even bigger than Jen’s wardrobe was Mary Cosby’s absence. Andy says she was upset about the comments made about her church, and “stunned” by Whitney calling her a predator. 


Someone who surprisingly came for Mary’s defense was Heather; who said that after watching her confessionals Mary said “insightful” things throughout the season. Heather doubles down by saying that Mary was “right on the money” about Lisa; she is referring specifically to when Mary says that Lisa doesn’t know how to be real. Whitney follows Heather’s point by admitting that Mary did have a way of having “wisdom and insight.” To refute this Jennie goes on to say that Mary called Whitney a whore in her confessionals. Meredith says “the show is not healthy for Mary,” but could it be the other way around? Is it healthy to have someone like Mary on the show? Keep reading to form your own conclusion. 


First in the hot seat is Jen as Andy reads the criminal charges against her. She is facing conspiracy to commit wire fraud with a maximum of 30 years in prison, and conspiracy to commit money laundering with an additional 20 years. Jen shares that her family had a talk about possibly quitting the show, but she felt she needed to tell her story. If Jen is found guilty then there is a scent of narcissism she possesses; to go on a reality show knowing the microscope she’d be put under is alarming. Her trial is set for March 22, 2022 in New York.


This season Jen went on an apology tour. She feels she’s apologized more than anyone else on the cast. She believes that there are other things going on in the group, but she’s always singled out; she does not hesitate to look at Lisa. Lisa defends herself by saying she’s never called her friend terrible names. She is referring to Jen calling Heather shrek, and Whitney donkey. Heather is quick to remind Lisa she’s called her friends worse names. “You called friends on this couch that you’ve known for 10 years a piece of shit garbage whore,” says Heather “I rather be called shrek everyday than be called the horrible things you’ve said about your friends of 10 years. 


Meredith has a breakdown as she opens about her personal family issues. She admits to everyone that she’s been dealing with things the camera didn’t see that go beyond her issues with Jen. She’s been grieving the loss of her father who passed away from Covid-19, all while fighting with her sister. “It wasn’t my story to tell, I couldn’t talk about it, I was in a state of immense pain,” says Meredith. Andy asks Meredith if ultimately Jen treated her better than her best friend Lisa. Meredith says yes. Lisa gasps and says “I have to be perfect all the time or I’m held to a different bar.”  


Whitney and Heather, aka “bad weather”, think Lisa manipulates Jennie to fight some of her battles. Jenny was “taken back” by their minion comment during an after show. “I’m her friend and she will not control what I do,” said Jennie. ” Heather explains, “I think Jennie  is in a tough position because she is Lisa’s friend and Lisa has expectations of her friends that are very controlling and I was worried that you were going to be motivated to do what she was manipulating you to do.”


Of course this does not sit well with Lisa to which she says “I don’t want to nor do I control anyone through manipulation or any other tactics. I have no tactics, you guys use the word minions so if anyone stands up for me they are the bad guys and I don’t like that.” Whitney apologizes to jennie if she called her a minion. Meredith interjects to say “I do think there is some level of control that goes on.” 


Things get awkward as they start to roll back the clips of Mary making racist remarks towards Jen Shah, saying when she thinks of her she sees a thug. “Those Mexican people that make all those drugs.” Mary also talked about Jennie saying “you do have a yellow tone, I like the slanted eyes, love it.” It didn’t stop there; she has also imitated Jennie’s accent. As an immigrant woman of color Jennie says it’s difficult living in Salt Lake City. According to her it’s a contrast to Long Beach, California where she says there’s a lot of diversity. All her life she’s been told she needs to “learn to communicate.” 


In that same clip we see Meredith at lunch with Mary where she tells her “please no characters please” while giggling. Although it seemed as if Meredith brushed it off she says “I was horrified and uncomfortable.” 


As they confronted Mary at Whitney’s party Meredith was asked about the slanted eyes comment but she stayed silent. At the reunion Meredith addressed Jennie. “When you’re dealing with a comment that is prejudicial you’re supposed to look at the party affected by it, to get a cue,” says Meredith. In what book did Meredith read that? 


Things quickly turn to Heather as they discuss her comment about Jennie looking like an anime character. “It’s not because you are asian, which I realize and it’s terrible that it came out that way,” says Heather. “You were wearing a vinyl corset. You looked like a cartoon, drawn, physically-beautifully, ridiculously over designed like an anime character, like a cartoon.” Jennie interrupts to say “that’s the thing, I love a compliment, I just don’t like the labeling.” Heather agrees, “I know, I shouldn’t have said that, I’m sorry.” 


One thing about tables–they always turn. Jennie’s use of African American Vernacular English (AAVE) leaves some confused. A viewer’s question suggests that Jennie uses stereotypical depictions of black women when she talks to or about Mary. Jennie says “I don’t see that I have a black accent, I grew up in Long Beach, California. It shaped who I am, that is where I get my accent, I have an accent, whatever comes out, comes out.”


In the last episode Jennie throws a glass at Mary; Andy says “Is that a little bit hypocritical to reprimand Mary for being violent with her words when you were violent with her actions?” Jennie’s response? “I didn’t throw it at Mary, I threw it on the floor. If I wanted it to hit Mary it would have hit Mary.” 


Jennie has apologized to Mary in the past, she even did her make up afterwards so she’s confused why the tension continued. Heather says “there’s a part of me that thinks that Mary is racist because it didn’t stop there and it seemed to always come up.”


Andy reveals to the ladies that he spoke to Mary and she said she didn’t think black people were capable of being racist. “They are. Everyone is capable of being racists,” says Jennie. The camera spans to all cast members as suspenseful music plays. We love a shady camera man. 


They finally address Angie (friend of) this season. A clip shows Angie telling Whitney that there has been a “hiccup” with the party she’s been planning. Angie reveals that according to the restaurant: “we’ve been asked to host events at the restaurant by Lisa’s assistant, we can’t do your event.” Whitney thinks Lisa was sabotaging Angie and her event.


By a show of hands Everyone except Jennie thinks that Lisa is the biggest pot stirrer of the group. Jen says there’s one on each couch. Whintey says “I think that Lisa does a brilliant job of stirring the pot and I always take the baton.” 


A viewer asks Lisa to explain the timeline of the catering debacle. Lisa pulls out a binder of receipts. A watered down version of the infamous Monique Samuels binder from season 5 of Potomac reunion if I must say. They proved very little in Lisa’s defense.


Whitney thinks Lisa wanted to sabotage Angie because she and Angie connect. Whitney insists that Lisa didn’t want Angie to acknowledge Whitney as her cousin. Whitney goes on to say that Angie knows Lisa’s “deepest darkest secrets.”


Andy brings up Heather and Whitney celebrating Angie’s birthday in Cabo. Heather says to Lisa “Everything was paid for. It’s the life you pretend to have that Angie actually has and we enjoyed the spoils of it.” Heather continues, “You know what I have dirt on you Lisa and I’ve held it all back but I won’t hold it back anymore.” It doesn’t end there. To finish her Heather says “I liked her more when I saw her true self show up than I’ve ever liked her, because I don’t want to be friends with a caricature of some teen magazine that she read in 8th grade that said how to be a cool mean girl.”


A viewer question addressed to Jen asks if she felt Lisa wanted to humiliate her when she mentioned Jen’s former dress designer on the show, or was she worried Whitney was being a bad friend by sending him a free skin care product. Jen calls Lisa two faced, and what seems to be an admission, Lisa says she didn’t mean to be. She recognizes that she messed up by mentioning he who shall not be named.


Lisa shares that in a moment not caught on camera she and Jen talked on the phone and she thought that would be the last time they spoke. Lisa says “I love Jen Shah, as controversial as that is.” In an aggravated tone Jen interrupts and says “You don’t have to add as controversial as that is to love jen shah, leave that shit out. Either love me or don’t love me but I’m tired of all the disclaimers when it comes to Jen Shah. It’s bullshit.”


Stay tuned as next week the reunion continues.

Meredith Marks Calls Jennie Nguyen’s Racists Posts ‘Vile’

Meredith Marks seems to have referred to her co-star Jenny Nguyen’s racists social media post with the word “Vile.”

The “Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” star tweeted the word late Wednesday night after her castmate’s Facebook post (some criticizing the Black Lives Matter movement) became viral early in the day.

When her fans asked her to explain her thoughts, Marks insisted that she had to be silent for now.

“Not allowed rn (right now) but yes I have a lot more to say about many things. And I will,” Marks assured the fan.

The rest of the “RHOSLC” ladies have kept quiet on the matter.

So far, Marks seems to be the only co-star to deal with Nguyen’s previous post.

‘RHOSLC’ Star Jennie Nguyen Faces Backlash For Racist Posts

Fans are calling for Jennie Nguyen to be fired from “Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” after several controversial social media posts appearing to promote “White Lives Matter” from 2020 resurfaced this week.

Over a six month span in 2020 amid the ongoing Black Lives Matter protests, Nguyen allegedly posted and reposted memes and photos, including ones which mention phrases like “BLM Thugs” and “Violent Gangs.”

Below you can see some of the posts that surfaced from Jennie’s Facebook account:

Nguyen shared various graphics, such as this one.

Fans have been calling on Bravo to fire Nguyen.

Nguyen’s shared these posts from June through December 2020.


One post, allegedly shared by the 44-year-old “Housewife” in September 2020, reads, “I’m sick of people saying cops need more training. You had 18 years to teach your kids it’s wrong to loot, steal, set buildings a blaze, block traffic, laser people’s eyes, overturn cars, destroy buildings and attack citizens. Who failed who?”

Nguyen’s alleged resurfaced posts follow her previously calling out her co-star Mary M. Cosby for being racist. During a recent episode, Cosby told Nguyen that she has “nice slanted eyes.” She went on to confront Cosby, and while many of the ladies had her back, Cosby didn’t step down and their feud has since escalated.

Cosby has since doubled down that her comment was a sincere compliment and said she will “never” apologize to Nguyen.

Bravo nor the other Housewives have commented on Jennie’s comments, however, co-star Meredith Marks posted a very cryptic message on Twitter indirectly addressing the situation.


The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.